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Past Presidents


  • * Denotes founding chapter members.
2017 Dinky Davis
2016 Betty Jean Kendall
2015 Georgia Magarrell
2014 Terry Banton
2013 Terry Banton
2012 Pam Murphy
2011 Debbie Gill
2010 Terry Banton
2009 Joan Porter
2008 Dinky Davis
2007 B.J. Schmader
2006 Georgia Magarrell
2005 Camille McDaniel
2004 Marie Morris
2003 Marie Morris
2002 Terry Banton
2001 Connie (Little) Mott
2000 Gwen Bennett
1999 B.J. Schmader
1998 Joan Porter
1997 Patty Casteel
1996 Cleo Clark
1995 Linda Clasey
1994 Jan Mantel
1993 Cathy Schmidt
1992 Laurel Brown
1991 Kathy Anderson
1990 Patty Briggs
1989 Jodie Bushman
1988 Jeanne Brooks
1987 Nancy Baur
1986 Nancy Baur
1985 Trisha Tyler *
1984 Ramona Hugelet
1983 Karen Bronson
1982 Shirley Schneider
1981 Maureen Strey *
1980 Barbara Hemphill
1979 Mary Tomassene
1978 Jeannette Moore *


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